Forever tea wedding gift 2packs / customized for thank you card

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Product details

product details

Formosan Farms|MOQ: 30 sets |

Customized for thank you card in one pattern.

Single Origin|Whole-leaf tea 2 packs / Set

Agra Boutique is the eponymous brand of the Chinese brand of Formosan Farms international brand. In order to bring couple a happy and cross to new life, we decided to combine the two brands into a crossover and bring the most sincere wishes to the couple!


|Full Tea Leafs|N.W.: 3g|Packs: 1|
Origin: Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan
Variety: Taiwan No.18

|Full Tea Leafs|N.W.: 3g|Packs: 1|
Origin: Mingjain, Nantou, Taiwan
Variety:  Four-season Spring (Shy Jih Chuen)


√ Each set with 2 packs→1 pack of whole-leaf Red Jade Black Tea +

                                        1 pack of whole-leaf Dongding-style Oolong

√ MOQ: 30 sets / Please contact customer service if requires other budget.

√ Offering service in customized thank you card / Option in 6 patterns

   Card customized the name in front and thankfulness in back

   Available in Chinese and English

Formosan Farms collects and co-works directly with more than 9 Independent small farms for handpicked handprocessed organic tea.
The on-farm farm-packing teas as delivered to our global customers creates more income and promise the pure single origin that we make the most effort to preseve the heritage of tea from Formosa and share with specialty boutique lovers.