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Certified Origin


AliShan certified Taiwan oolong


Agriculture is highly dependent on the natural environment, such as the soil, the temperature, the water, the weather….Many world famous products are well known by their origins, for examples, Bordeaux wine (France), AliShan oolong (Taiwan), Yirgacheffe coffee (Ethiopia),….


But how can we make sure the high quality and tasty products are entirely from those famous production zone?


Geographic trademark, or origin certification, to certify the farm location and the whole process are all qualified under all origin-based certification rules. And of course, geographic trademark is a public good, which is owned by the public, or the government.


Certified origin products guarantee the 100% purity (no blends) and the safety. Agra Boutique Formosan Farms choose our high quality single farms located in the most famous regions of tea and certify each loose tea can by “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea" or “Alishan High Mountains tea" government signitured trademark. Each serial number ensures the limited production each season and every detail along the process.


Certified origin means an ATTITUDE we insist.